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Nationality: American
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Elements of the modern landscape have evolved into a sort of paradox. Industry has developed to sustain our lifestyles of necessity, comfort and convenience yet the actual means by which our goods and services are provided often become a sort of background noise or even an intrusive nuisance/eyesore. I revel in such feats of engineering- looking at architecture and the modern industrialized landscape with interest and wonder. My work represents those objects as man-made “fingerprints” integrated into the natural environment with varying degrees of harmony and tension.

Working with traditional materials and techniques (oil, watercolor, drawing) layers are created to evoke emotion, atmosphere, decay, etc. Careful consideration to find the cast of characters for each piece is usually the first step as the places I choose to paint can be quite busy and cluttered. The placement of objects in the space is a priority and I will often treat a source photo as a still-life. Through extensive editing, which often involves reorganization and simplification of subject matter to suit a desired aesthetic, my compositions take shape. Some objects become monumental structures shrouded in soot and isolated while others may mesh and mingle with one another.

My goal is to make images which trigger something within the viewer- perhaps a memory of a time or place which may or may not have anything to do with the subject matter they are looking at. The work must speak to the viewer and it will communicate with each in a different voice, maybe it whispers, maybe it shouts.

Sean Thomas - 2012


Sean graduated from the Delaware College of Art and Design (illustration) in Wilmington, Delaware in 2001 and continued his formal education in Providence, Rhode Island; graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design (illustration) in 2004. For his final year at RISD, Sean was selected for the European Honors Program in which he was immersed in Italian culture, living in Rome for 9 months and studying the Italian language as well as European artistic treasures firsthand.

Sean has been focused mainly on painting since, doing freelance commissions as well as showing work regularly through galleries and throughout New England and the Northeast.

Sean is currently living in Providence.


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