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Nationalité: Anglaise
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Jack Tanner est né à Carshalton au Surrey (Royaume-Uni) en 1989. Il vit et travaille à Londres


2009 - 2012 Wimbledon College of Art, BA Fine Art (Painting)- First Class Honours

2008 - 2009 Wimbledon College of Art, Foundation Diploma

Sélection d'Expositions

2021 Unlocked, Woolff Gallery, London

2020 Miami Basel art Week

2020 Solo Show: Ideation, Woolff Gallery, London

2019 AAF Battersea, London

2019 London Art Fair; Woolff Gallery

2018 Context Art Miami; Woolff Gallery

2018 'Ffound' Woolff Gallery, London

2018 Solo Show: SCREW WORX; Woolff Gallery; London

2018 AAF Hampstead, London; Woolff Gallery

2018 AAF New York; Woolff Gallery

2018 AAF Battersea, London

2018 London Art Fair; Woolff Gallery

2017 Context Art Miami

2017 Ebb and Flow series, Soho Myriad, Dubai

2017 'Ffound' Woolff Gallery, London

2017 OXO Tower: Clyde & Co Art Awards Retrospective

2017 AAF Battersea and Hampstead, London

2017 London Art Fair; Woolff Gallery

2016 Context Art Miami

2016 'Ffound' Woolff Gallery, London

2016 'Summer at Woolff Gallery', London

2016 AAF Battersea and Hampstead, London

2016 London Art Fair; Woolff Gallery

2015 'Ffound' Woolff Gallery, London

2015 The Key; London Offices

2015 Hackwood Summer Exhibition 2015

2015 ‘Fresh Green Shoots’ Darren Baker Gallery, London

2014 - 2015 The Library; St Martins Lane, London

2014 TMF Group; Luton

2014 ‘Drawing in Conversation’ Islington Arts Factory

2013 Phillips 66; London

2013 - 2014 Canvas; Wimbledon

2013 Hackwood Art Festival 2013

2012-2013 ‘Clyde & Co Art Awards 2012’ Houndsditch, London

2012-2013 Selected work exhibited at Capsticks Solicitors LLP; Wimbledon

2012 ‘Controlling the System’ (Degree Show 2012); Wimbledon College of Art


Artist Statement (en Anglais)

Process is at the core of Jack Tanner's practice, creating highly structured and carefully rendered artworks composed from a system of thought. The mathematically informed discoveries are realised and then revealed through an abstract visual dialogue that commonly takes inspiration from the characteristics of the systematic geometry present within nature.  Through the use of various materials, Tanner creates the optical explorations which combine both the movement of physical form and colour. It was in 2012 after being given a bag of re-purposed screws that Tanner realised the potential of using screws as a primary medium for his work.

Viewing his practice as a journey, a new generation of ideas are conceived through the act of making and drawing. Tanner's previous works, along with numerous working drawings are the story behind the fabrication of future constructions. Using the act of making as a form of discovery illustrates the importance of working manually, rejecting the notion of mechanical procedures. Throughout the production process the manual execution of each bespoke, hand-made piece allows for enough time to gain the key knowledge required to inform future pieces.

Often sitting between two and three-dimensional forms, the constructions frequently enforce an active response from the viewer, with perception being a focal point of the inquiries pursued.


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