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Nationality: Italian
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Aramoon is an Italian artist from Venice, where he studied painting and printmaking at the Accademia di Belle Arti. His paintings are inspired by everyday life, history and memories in the form of vintage postcards and black-and-white photographs. Transforming them into paintings, he tends to give these souvenirs a second life and to save them from getting lost or being forgotten. By combining public images with snapshots of private origin, he seeks to create a fantastic, sometimes ambiguous poetry that questions our memory and imagination.
Nature is another central topic of his work, as shown in his « Water Landscapes » – a series of landscape paintings dedicated to the element of water from more or less classical points of view. They range from abstract colour studies and impressionistic landscape paintings to poetic compositions in which the lines between reality and phantasy are often blurred. In so doing, his water landscapes are reflections of nature and projection screens for the viewer’s imagination alike.

EXHIBITIONS [ selection ]

Pop-Up Artistes, Fondation Fernet-Branca, St. Louis

Mis au vert, Le Séchoir, Mulhouse
Nicola Aramu – Je peins, donc je suis, Conseil de l’Europe - Agora, Strasbourg

Kronos, La Storta, Venice
Nicola Aramu – Alles wird gut …, Galerie Markt 21, Weimar

Nicola Aramu – Je peins, donc je suis, Cour des Chaînes, Mulhouse
Je peux te voir en peinture, Le Séchoir, Mulhouse

Nicola Aramu – Wasserlandschaften, Galerie HILT, Basel

Nicola Aramu – Souvenir, Souvenir …, Galerie Markt 21, Weimar
Last Exit Dreamland, Gebrüder Wright Galerie, Berlin

Seguendo il cammino di Marco Polo: artisti italiani dipingono Hangzhou, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, San Marco, Venise / Hangzhou (2012)

Suspense, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Palazzetto Tito, Venice
Ricognizione sulla Nuova Arte in Veneto, Studio Bazzini 14 Arte Contemporanea, Milan

Rilassarte. Viaggio attraverso l´onirico elemento, Magazzini del Sale, Venice

Dedicato a Malamocco, Palazzo Pretorio, Venice
Ritratti, Scala Mata Exhibition Space, Venice

Il Senso dell’Anima, Scala Mata Exhibition Space, Venice
Nicola Aramu – Senza Parole, Galleria Perelà, Venice



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