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Nationality: South African
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Conrad Bo is a South African artist based in Johannesburg, he was born in 1972.
If his art is influenced par the neo-expressionism movement, he is the founder of two international art movements, namely the Superstroke and the Superblur.

The Superstroke art movement was conceived by him as an idea in 2008. The reason is the impact that the art movement Superflat (conceived by Takashi Murakami) had on contemporary art. The basic idea was that Superflat produced art that was smooth and polished with little or no texture, and therefore Superstroke should produce art that is in a way the opposite of that.
Conrad Bo paints attempts to communicate his views on social issues, historical events and avant-garde art theory. It features expressive, energetic even violent brush, pencil and pen strokes. There is also a heavy emphasis on texture.
The "super" in the Superstroke art movement was therefore inspired by the Superflat art movement, but the look and the purpose of the art by these two art movements cannot be more different in certain aspects. Where the origin of the Superflat art movement is very Japanese the origin of the Superstroke art movement is very African. Superflat paintings are mostly very clinical and precise, where in Superstroke it is mostly raw and very expressive.
The manifesto for Superstroke:
• Paintings should be executed using expressive even violent brushstrokes on at least some part of the picture
• If mediums such as pen, pencil, etc are used, the pen and pencil strokes must at least be overly expressive for it to be considered a Superstroke picture
• Paintings can be executed in both abstract and figurative
• Should a photograph be used for a figurative painting, the objection should not be photorealism, but expressionism.
• Collage, stencil and calligraphy may be used for impact.
Plus signs (+) feature in nearly all of his paintings and is a sign of the Superstroke. It is an indication of an increase, a positive sign, a sign of hope. Ther use of mathematical equations is to reflect the complexity of his art and what it represents.

Around 2010 a new concept in the Superstroke art movement began to emerge and that was the idea to intentionally shake the camera while taking a photograph which resulted in a blurred photograph. This was a concept within the Superstroke art movement and was done only occasionally. By the end of 2012 Conrad Bo wrote the initial manifesto for the Superblur art movement.
Manifesto for the Superblur Art Movement:
• Superblur refers to a method of creating art using the definition of the word blur.
• Thus the focus of the art will be to make the object or classification of the art unclear or less distinct.
• Superblur will also focus on elements that cannot be seen or heard clearly.
• When photography is used with the elements of Superblur in mind, there is an objective to blur the picture to produce images that are similar to abstract art in painting.
In 2020 Conrad Bo Superblur still considers himself to be very much part of the Superstroke art movement although his focus has shifted more towards the ideas contained in the manifesto of the
Superblur art movement. According to Conrad Bo the Superblur art movement and the Superstroke art movements are intertwined.

A lot of paintings produced by Conrad Bo are executed using different kinds of dots and splatter to what he calls Superblur pointillism.
By opposition, some paintings voluntarily reflect an anti-pointillism and often reflect characteristics of Superstroke. Maximum pointillism describes the use of larger dots and semi pointillism refers to a mix.
There are substantial differences between the impressionist pointillism of George Seurat and Paul Signac and the Superblur pointillism of Conrad Bo.

Conrab Bo is inspired by famous artists such as Picasso, Basquiat, or Chagall in his art but follows the manifesto of Superstroke or Superblur.


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