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Nationality: German
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Jason Engelbart (born 1960) lives and works in Hamburg

”In art there is the chance to bring faith, hope and sense into our world without following the traditional religious approaches. Art brings people consistently into contact with the being. It is a source of inspiration for the look inwards – for musing and for reflecting on one’s own perceptions and experiences. Art invigorates and enriches without demanding.“


Driven by my search for the perfect moment, the moment of perfect love, the divine, I trace these values especially in the works of sacred baroque painting. Using my characteristic digital painting technique, developed over the years, I abstract selected works of this epoch by superimposing picture levels, blurring, overpainting and re-composing them. In the process, my very own flowing structures and pictorial rhythms emerge. In sum, colors and forms swirl together with an apparent motion, coinciding yet never lost, blended yet simultaneously holding shape.

The colorful marbling effects and a simultaneous all-encompassing blur are created in a purely intuitive creative process, where I deal with reflections of my personal feelings, experiences, and a meditative affinity with the universe. In doing so, I tap into a creative mode in which I use my artistic skills to trigger a deeper reflection in others about the nature of our daily co-existence as a result.

My Works invite the viewer to consider the spaces of our lives that we are able to perceive at a subtle level, but that which we often forget or ignore in our day to day. In a restless and at times superficial world, I would like to remind us of the love, the freedom and joy as our natural birthright. My artworks are a testament to a cultivation of wholesome, human qualities, for positive change and development, which I state as my principle artistic vision.

The underlying historical works thereby experience a current dimension of perception while at the same time creating the impression of a déjà-vu when contemplating my abstract neo paintings. Through this form of digitally painterly, an abstract re-staging of the Baroque painting, I build a finely balanced bridge to contemporary art without disenchanting.


Neopaintings – This designation for Jason Engelbart’s works stands for the topicality of his work in our digital age and is also his artistic program. Because since 2010 he works and experiments with the diverse digital tools of the computer. But despite their purely technical origins, Engelbart’s work does not appear to be overcooled technologically, but rather looks like artfully executed, extremely sensitive color compositions. This is the special magic of his so-called neopaintings. The transfer of the initially immaterial image to the material manifestation is done in the printing process on high-quality photographic material with subsequent framing on Alu-Dibond and final high-gloss sealing. The interplay of unconventional working methods and contemporary materials ensures the uniqueness in Jason Engelbart’s work. Each of his artworks is strictly limited to one large-size original, personally signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.




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