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Nationality: German
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I started to take pictures of landscapes pretty early in my photography career, in the beginning without really noticing what I was doing. I was searching for the right format for quiet a long time. In the beginning I used a 4/5 inch linhoff, later, I think in 2003 I switched to a 6/17 linhoff which was much easier to work with. I took the camera everywhere, it's a hassle to carry and I hated it a lot having this extra bag with me all the time. But I found out that once I did not take it there was something I wanted to take a picture of...so I ahd to take it with me all the time.

In the beginning I was using the camera mostly outside but than I started to do pictures of insides (soon on The ArtFloor Gallery) as well and I really liked it. I started to shoot all the rooms I ever sleep in for example. Sometimes I also take images where are people, but I find it a little difficult ans I am not sure if I like those images so much, though some turned out really great.

The images I take can be anywhere, usually I am not searching for a location, I just happen to walk by something and I do the picture... I am not out there for this special thing. To me it feels more like a documentation of things that are around me. Things I see and that I think will lok as a photography.

Götz GOPPERT - 2008


1993 Graduated from the school of graphic and design of Hamburg (Germany)
1993 Starting first steps in photography as a photography assistant
1995 Moving to Paris (France) and work there as a freelance photography assistant
1997 Starting to work as freelance photographer
2005 Moving and working in NYC (USA)
2008 Back to Paris


1999 Portrait group show at "Come and See" Gallery, Paris (France)
2001 "Polaland" Polaroïd landscapes in B&W at gallery "Come and See", Paris (France)
2002 "Polaland", exhibit in deutscher ring, Hamburg (Germany)
2004 Showing color landscapes in gallery "Upstairs" in Berlin (Germany)
2006 Group show during the festival at Arles "Voies Off"
Since 2008 The ArtFloor Gallery



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