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Nationality: French
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French Artist Hugo Jules Mathias has been busy in the Studio Underground Foyer setting up his recent exhibition in Perth, Australia. His pieces are vibrant and passionate as he draws from the colours of Southern France and combines primitive form.
Before joining ArtFloor, the artist also previously exhibited in Paris, Versailles, Lyon and St Tropez just to name a few.


"It is difficult to imagine Hugo Jules Mathias face to face with himself and the blank canvas on his easel, his abstract paintings are so full of colour and wild energy... The artist paints instinctively with all his generosity and love of life.Sunshine, happiness and high spirits inhabit his paintings.But a heart does not speak of love - it gets carried away or it sleeps......so, discretion!

Hugo Jules Mathias does not speak about the secrets of his studio. He doesn't explain his painting. He prefers to experience it. Even better, to see it take on an existence independent of its creator.

And here, all the vital elements, the universal symbols are present. Primitive shapes, the square, the circle evoke the earth. The colours, notably the incandescent reds which dominate his compositions, set his canvases ablaze. Water seems to flow over his pictures, where an abundant liquid streams, spread out with a spatula or simply by hand. Light brightens the whole and the verticals carry his paintings towards airy horizons. Light and yet essential."

Stephane CERRI


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