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Color and Light


These paintings are abstracted landscapes. I live in the coastal mountains along California's Big Sur Coast. I have a close relationship with the natural environment. I experience the continuously changing atmospheric conditions brought about by the interaction of the land mass and the Pacific Ocean. Colors are delicate or striking, depending on the season, the climate, or the time of day. A former medical professional, I worked with laser machines and became fascinated with light waves and the color spectrum. Stripes of uneven width are taped, then painted in a back and forth motion until the colors are blended seamlessly. I ask the viewer to complete the picture in his or her own mind.


Heidi Hybl has had many one-woman exhibitions, shown her work in group and juried exhibits, and received awards. She has taught art to children and adults, served on Boards of art organizations, and interviewed artists on Public Radio. She is currently displaying her paintings with a like-minded sculptor in a series of exhibits entitled Luminous Color.



Solo Exhibitions

2020  Soft Focus, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2017   Distant Hills, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2015   Abstract Landscapes, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2014  Color and Light Revisited, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2013  Coastal Color, Carmel Art Association, Carmel, CA
2012  Color and Light, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2011  Plant Forms and Patterns, Marjorie Evans Gallery, Carmel CA
          Darwin Evolved, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2010  Celebrating Darwin, Carmel Art Association, Carmel, CA
2009  New Work, Paintings from the Plant Form Series, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2008  Plant Forms, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2006  Landscape Abstracted, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2005  California Light, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2004  Falling, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove CA
2003  Directions, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2001  Themeless, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2000  New Work, Homescapes Gallery, Pacific Grove CA
1999  Food and Flowers, Homescapes Gallery, Pacific Grove CA
1997  Surface as Subject, Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove CA
          Abstractions, Monterey College of Law, Monterey CA
1995  New Work, Monterey College of Law, curated, Nancy Hirsch and Associates
1994  Migration, Monterey Conference Center, curated, Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey CA
1992  Collage, Interim Inc., Monterey CA 
1989  Car Parts, Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove CA

Group Exhibitions

2014  Degrees of Abstraction, juried, Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz CA
          Horizon: Contemporary Landscape, Community Arts Center, Danville KY
          125th Anniversary Annual Members' Exhibition, Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, New York NY
2014  Luscious Color, Felix Kulpit Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
          Continuing the Tradition, Museum of Monterey, Monterey CA 
          Luminous Color, two person exhibit, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
          Small Works, juried, National Association of Women Artists, New York NY
           23rd Annual Juried Competition, David Cohen, juror, Bowery Gallery, New York NY 
2013  Annual Exhibit, National Association of Women Artists, New York, NY
          The Armory Center Exhibit, West Palm Beach FL
          From the Board, Board of Directors Exhibit, Carmel Art Association, Carmel, CA
2012  Members Exhibit, National Association of Women Artists, New York, NY
          Small Works, juried exhibit, National Association of Women Artists, New York NY
2011  From Here to There, Ventana Gallery, Big Sur, CA
          Les Femmes Artistes Vernissage, juried, NAWA Gallery, New York NY
          New Members, National Association of Women Artists, New York NY
2010 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, Bowery Gallery, New York NY
          Allied Art, Juried Competitive, Richmand WA
          Big Sur Artists, Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA
2009  Paintings in Oil and Collage, Carmel Art Association, Carmel, CA
          After the Fire, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2008  National Juried Competitive, Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, Long Beach NJ
          American Summer, juried exhibition, Kingston Gallery, Boston MA
          Paper in Particular, juried exhibition, Columbia College, Columbia MO
2007  Sticks and Stones: Nature Abstracted, Lauryn Taylor Gallery, Carmel CA
          Summer Postcards, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove CA
2006  Big Sur, A Place Apart, juried exhibit, Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove CA 
          Holiday Lites, invitational, Lauryn Taylor Gallery, Carmel CA
          1000 Postcards, Green Lantern Studios, Mineral Point WI
          Mail Me, Lisa coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove CA
          Down the Coast, Carmel Art Association, Carmel, CA
2005  Frond Memories, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove CA
          Miniatures, Studio One, Big Sur CA
          Small Works, Green Lantern Studios, Mineral Point, WI
2004  Obsessions, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove CA
          Surface, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
2003  Artists' Equity Artists, juried, Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove CA
          Abstraction, online exhibit, Atlanta GA
2002  Gallery Artists, Aman Gallery, Naperville IL
          Juried Exhibition, Dishman Art Gallery, Beaumont TX
          Smithtown Arts Council, juried exhibition, St. James NY
          December Exhibition, Ceres Gallery, New York NY
          Symbols, Galleria Tonatzin, San Juan Bautista CA
2001  Beyond the Surface, juried exhibit, Woman-Made Gallery, Chicago IL
          Artists' Equity Exchange Exhibit, Fort Washington MA
          10 x 10, Ceres Gallery, New York NY
          Monterey Museum of Art Biennial, juried, Monterey CA
2000  New Artisits, Artisan's Hand Gallery, Carmel Valley CA
          Small Packages, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Monterey CA
          Squares, Cycles, Longings, Carmel Art Association, Carmel CA
1999  December Exhibition, Ceres Gallery, New York, NY
1998  New Members, Carmel Art Association, Carmel, CA
1996  Sweet Charity Invitational, Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey CA
          Annual Exhibit, Nancy Hirsch Gallery, Carmel Valley CA
          Group Exhibit, Marjorie Evans Gallery, Carmel CA
1995  Opening Ceremonies, CSUMB, President Clinton attending, Marina CA

          Break the Silence, Queens Museum of Art, NY
          Competitive, Matrix Gallery, Sacramento CA
          Annual Exhibit, Nancy Hirsch Gallery, Carmel Valley CA
1994  Images of the Virgin, Galleria Tonatzin, San Juan Bautista CA
1993  Women Face History, Woman-Made Gallery, Chicago IL
1993-92 Flyways, traveling exhibit, Santa Cruz CA, Monterey CA, Seattle WA
1992  Menagerie, National Competitive, Gallery Ten, Rockford IL
          National Competitive, Lamar University, Lamar TX
1991  Looking In, Looking Out, Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz CA
1990  Biennial Juried Exhibition, Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey CA
1989  California Collagists, juried, Lancaster Museum, Lancaster CA


2014  Honorable Mention, Small Works, juried exhibition, National Association of Women Artists, New York NY
2012  Bertha Pessel Greenblatt Memorial Award, Nationl Association of Women Artists annual exhibit
2011  Forms in Motion, Honorable Mention, Fredricksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Fredricksburg VA
1995  Creative Program Award, First Night International, Louvre Window Collage
1994  Curator's Choice, Contemporary Women Artists, Galeria Tonatzin, San Juan Bautista CA
1991  Seaside Art Commission, juried exhibit, second place, Seaside CA
1990  Seaside Art Commission, juried exhibit, Honorable Mention, Seaside CA


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Award Winners Showcase, Art Calendar, 1991
Coyote Bark Poetry Magazine, cover, Carmel Valley, CA, 1990


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