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Nationality: French
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Photography or the art to think from the eye, well opened...

I have always taken photos : just to keep a scene, a mood in my mind... But it was an art of memory for a young man. My first artistic pleasure was to write. I don't know precisely when and why, but this two passion were conjugated for me : words can be combinated into images, and images can recall some poetic words and thoughts.

In fact, photography is a way to kill the time and preserve a vision, an impression, a feeling. When I want to shoot something, to fix an instant in time, it is that something, for me, makes sense : for my eye (an aesthetic pleasure), for my heart (an emotion), for my head (i think that an image can always be analyzed an interpreted). So, my photographs are a visual kaleidoscope which composes a "point of view" on the world : that is to say a particular look (that does not mean original ; on the contrary, sometimes), an opinion, and a mood at some point.



  • November 2008 : Portfolio "Time of waiting", Magazine Shot
  • September 2008 : Portfolio, Magazine Soura, Dubaï
  • April 2008 : Portfolio "Time of waiting ", Magazine SFR Jeunes Talents
  • March 2008 : Portfolio "Cubism #X.YY", Photo magazine, Roumanie"
  • March 2007 : Portfolio "Time of waiting", Emagazine.
  • October 2006 : Portfolio "Esoterism of our roofs", Photographie.com.
  • Juillet 2005 : Portfolio "Modern life", Réponses Photo.

Recent Exhibitions

  • Octobre 2008 : Invitation for the exhibition "Timeless Visions" with the collectif 8Reg'Art (Cherbourg)
  • October 2008 : Collective Exhibition at Parisian Gallery (Paris)
  • July 2008 : Exhibition at International Festival of Digital Photography (Villefranche s/Mer)
  • Mai-Juny 2008 : Exhibition at Festival Chroniques Nomades (Honfleur)
  • February 2008 : Exhibition at Gallery Cube blanc (Paris)
  • November 2007 : Exhibition at Hôtel du Grand Commandement (Tours)
  • September 2007 : Exhibition at Grézieu-La-Varenne (Lyon)
  • May - Juny - August 2007 : Collective exhibition with Anachromie (Lyon).
  • February 2007 : Collective exhibition with Anachromie (Paris).
  • December 2006 : Exhibition at Pauphoto, show of photography (Pau).
  • May - September 2006 : Exhibition at Olympus France Office (Paris).
  • March 2006 : Exhibition in MIPS, show of photography (Paris).
  • January 2006 : Exhibition at Gallery 13Sévigné - Baudoin Lebon (Paris).


  • Mai 2008 : Special Mention for the SFR Young Talent's Award 2008
  • Mars 2008 : Laureate of an Award from SFR Young Talent and Festival Chroniques Nomades
  • October 2006 : Laureate of Talent award #30 "Architecture"
  • Juny 2005 : Olympus award

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