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Nationality: French
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Invent and describe ... To invent as we discover a treasure and to describe it, that is, to expose your inner self, to literally place yourself on the canvas with paint... The coastal light of Britainy bathed the childhood of Séverine. Her grandfather introduced her to painting at an early age: the happiness she felt in experimenting with manipulating and exploring colours is evident in her work. To this day she continues to be inspired by her grandfather’s influence. Her artwork explodes with color and soothes to the soul with captivating images of serenity. Séverine studied graphics and ornamental painting at the Institute Van der Kelen in Brussels; There she enjoyed learning ancestral methods to touch, work and imitate traditional materials.

After a period dedicated to the commanded works, she then discovered it both natural and necessary to find her individual expression. Color became the strength in Séverine’s work throughout her experimentation of different subjects: a moving animal, an aquatic world, and landscapes. Abstraction:  this is the point at which she departs from traditional figurative work and breaks into an expression which uses colour and form to represent her inner view of nature and its elements. In this way Severine creates a unique reaction which makes one stop and see nature in its alluring force and beauty.

Using combined techniques of applying vivid colour and materials, Severine gives life to an abstract art form that is truly unique to her. The combination of all of these ingredients, mixed with her perspectives and artistic creativity, are then transferred to the canvas. The result is the revelation of a pure and powerful interpretation of nature and an expression of harmony and balance that is unlike any other.



Galerie Liehrmann. Liège, Belgium
Galerie de l’Europe, Paris, France
Exposition personnelle, Lisbon, Portigal

Group exhibitiona at Lisbon MOMA, Portugal
Galerie Liehrmann. Liège, Belgium
Art international Zurich, Switzerland
Galerie des Sablons. Brussels, Belgium
Barnes Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal

Group exhibition,  Carnac, France
Orangerie du Sénat, Paris, France

Group exhibition « L’art en Soi » , Angers, France

Art 3F Fair, Nantes, France
Galerie de l’Europe, Paris, France

AAF Fair, Milan, Italy
AAF Fair, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie P.Monteil, Paris, France
Orangerie du Sénat, Paris, France

S.Loisel Art Exhibition, London, UK

Galerie du Pont Neuf, Paris, Paris


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