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Nationality: French
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Clara Mill is a song-writer, author, designer and a photographer.

I grew up in the countryside. The house was far away, outside the village, lost in the fields, near the river and the forest, surrounded by the landscape and the trees. My childhood was full of imagination and fantastic sceneries, walking alone all day long in the dark part of this fabulous nature and speaking to the animals and the trees. This will always be my home.
I have grown this relationship like roots growing into the earth, deeply linked to this solitude and silence, to the untouched beauties: we are connected, they will always be part of my fantastic, spacial, unreal, and fiction imaginary side...
The roots, all these ramifications that are specific to each of us, and are underneath our skin and soul: Full of colors like fireworks exploding outside us, or bringing to light the essential  in a Black & White vision.
Clara Mill - 2016



2015: Solo Exhibition -“ THE ROOTS”, Speos Gallery, Paris, France

2015: Solo Exhibition - “JANE BIRD & CHET” , Bievre Gallery, Paris, France

2014- 015: "Residence Nomade" with the DQVTM  Art Collectiv and the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France,

2014 Group Exhibition," THE ROOTS SERIES", Paris, France

2014: Group exhibitions, "WHISPERING" at Université Permanente, Nantes, France


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