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Nationality: French
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H. Oddo or the mystery behind an abstract material :

The strengh of Oddo's compositions resides in the relationship between the contrasted coloured fields and a subtile use of complementary textures. H. Oddo explores colours and considers the materials he uses as one of the most important parts of his paintings...

A rather unconventional artist, H. Oddo is deeply attached to the notion of freedom of creation. The canvas is painted, then erased in order to be painted again, differently, again and again until the organisation of forms and colours find their own harmony.

If one were to resume Hubert Oddo's work ,it would perhaps be that he "feeds the imagination"; his work seems to have found a balance between strength, suggestion and sensuality.

After a Fine Arts degree followed by more than ten years of painting and hin France and abroad, H. Oddo became one of the best artists of our gallery, a very good value.


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