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Stéphane Pontié is a confirmed artist with over 30 yers of exhibitions in France and Spain mostly.
The artist works and lives in France.

« Fascinated by the mechanics of human functioning, the effects of repetition, depth, and juxtaposition in graphic design, as in abstract painting and also very interested in the hierarchy of colors, I perceived that it was possible to materialize the expressive potential of subjects affecting human behavior (abstract subjects by nature not usually allowing to be materialized) by associating them with graphic effects.

I work on an entirely new syntax, looking for a simple way to show the shortcomings and pettiness of my contemporaries in all their excesses, thanks to an abstract art made of lines and/or simple, angular geometric shapes, combined with repetitive rhythms. (sometimes disordered, even chaotic), the whole underlined by the effects of perspectives and juxtaposition and by the use of primary colors.

Highlighting the insistent nature of disturbing situations, due to deviant behavior, abusing "ways of doing things", without restraint.»

Stéphane PONTIÉ – 2023


Galerie Schanewald
Expo éphémère (groupe), Barcelone (Spain)
W31, Toulouse
Salon d'Automne, Paris
Exposition personnelle Girone & Barcelone
Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris
Exposition personnelle à Playa de Aro, Costa-Brava
Exposition personnelle à Font-Romeu & Perpignan
Le Printemps de septembre (parcours off), Toulouse
Salon des Arts Méridionaux, Toulouse
Galerie Auprès de mon Art, Villeneuve Tolosane
Salon GMAC Bastille, Paris
Résidence d'artistes, Toulouse & Playa de Aro, Costa-Brava
Salon des Arts de Colomiers
Salon des Arts de Balma
Exposition personnelle à Ruis, Barcelone
Galerie Tiny Factory, TLT (télé Toulouse)
Galerie Fecit, Girone
Salon des Arts, Saint Jory (3eme prix et 1er prix catégorie Abstraite)
Galerie Artero, Toulouse
Centre culturel et fondation Josep Niebla, Girone2000
Galerie "Berlin Express", Perpignan


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