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Nationality: Dutch
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« My landscapes are me, I could always paint them. When I look outside I see them, and when I look inside I see them. »

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen is an experienced Dutch painter who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. She is first and foremost inspired by her surroundings in beautiful Zeeland: the openness, intensity of color movement and undertones of mysticism. Each of these elements plays a major role in her rich landscapes, and her overall aesthetic appears rhythmic and strong, nuanced and emotive.

Nelly is an independent contemporary artist, born 1944 in Baarland, the Netherlands. Landscapes are her main subjects. She is well known for her Zeelandic landscapes with a low horizon line and impressive sky. She her professional artist-career in 1975. The inspiration comes from her surroundings: the skies, the skylines, the dikes and the sea. Zeeland is renowned for its special, beautiful light: it is refracting in the water around the isles and the polders. Her landscapes are representing a special place in the long tradition of Dutch landscape-artists.

Skyline landscapes

“The landscapes of Van Nieuwenhuijzen are extensive, born from an intense experience of the openness of the Zeeland area. An undertone of mysticism is unmistakable. As if caught in line and color movement continues in the invisible behind the horizon. The accentuated line is both the boundary and the window. The subtle differences in rhythm and nuances reflect a range of emotions." (C. Bos)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen started exhibiting her works in galleries in 1980 and never stopped since. She since exhibited extensively in Europe and at The European Parliament in Brussels. She was represented by International Galleries for years such as Galerie Esprit Clinge, Neumann Freiburg,Galerie Alexandra Zierikzee, Galerie Het Oude Raadhuis… Her works are in the collections of large companies such as Dow Chemical, BASF, Rank Xerox and many others.

 “This Zeeland artist shows that in art personality is more important than originality”.
Sietse Postma, Art critic for KUNSTBEELD


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