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Revue de Presse

Radio Deutsche Welle (All.)

Radio Deutsche Welle - Mercredi 1er Octobre 2003

Emission : Arts On the Air
Sujet : Interview/Reportage "The ArtFloor.com Gallery"

Virtual gallery - buying art works on the Internet.

There are many ways to build up an art collection. You can visit galleries, attend auctions or buy pieces from the artists themselves. Or you can build up your collection by sitting in front of your computer. An art gallery in France, ArtFloor.com, has set up shop on the Internet. You could call it virtual gallery because customers check out the artworks on the web-site and can buy them without ever meeting the gallery owner.

Intervenants : Georges Ranunkel (ArtFloor) / François-Edouard Finet (artiste de la galerie ArtFloor)
Reporter : Geneviève Oger
Durée du sujet : 7 minutes
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